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Delegate Feedback

Congratulations to all those delegates who have secured highly competitive CST or ST3 jobs! 

More than 100 CST and ST3 offers over the last three years!

From someone who was unrankable last year to getting ranked 2nd in the country I would say that the ACE Medicine course is extremely good value for money and without the faculty I would not have succeeded!

Sharukh Zuberi

Plastics-themed CST (London)
Ranked 2nd in National Selection

Credit to the Ace Medicine team for giving a kick up the backside and helping me refocus for the interview. Run through orthopaedic training North East, here I come!

Umair Khan

ST1 T&O (North East)

Thank you for the best interview course available! Your guidance and support helped me to secure a job!

(West Midlands)

I got my first choice which was North West so I'm very pleased with it!! Thank you for your support and interview prep!

Atia Khan
ST3 ENT (North West)

Thank you for helping me to obtain my offer! Very effective and targeted advice given in interview scenarios. Great depth of questions!

(East Midlands)

So thankful for the incredible team and 100% recommend to anyone applying to CST.

Joussi Ramzi

ST1 General Surgery (North Thames)

Just wanted to say I came 4th overall! Thank you for all your help and advice!

Shiraz Jamshaid 

ST1 ENT (North Thames)
Ranked 4th in National Selection

Could not have achieved this without your fantastic support with interview prep!

ST1 ENT (West Midlands)

Grateful for all the interview support and help provided by ACE Medicine & Surgery! 

ST3 ENT (North West)

I wasn't expecting a high ranking with my portfolio score, but it seems the interview really gave me a boost! Thanks for your support with the interview course and follow-up!

2021-2022 Applicant

Just wanted to say thank you for the national conference you organised. I got me self assessment results for urology ST3 and it counted as a national presentation!

Bushra Abdelqader

ST3 Urology (South London)

Thanks for your help guys! It made a heap of difference. I'd have been answering the questions in a completely different way had we not had our sessions together.

2020-2021 Applicant

Thanks for all your help, I got a RT job in the North West- exactly what I wanted! You guys have been a great support and you gave excellent, very thorough feedback!

2020-2021 Applicant
ST1 Vascular Surgery (North West)

I managed to get a run- through ST1 in North East.


Thank you again for kind help.

Sarah Awni
ST1 OMFS (North East)

Thanks for the feedback! You were great and helped me pick up on some important points throughout the day.

Abhijit Bajracharya
CST T&O-themed 

Thanks for all your help, the course was brilliant and really helped me prep!

2020-2021 Applicant

Hi Guys. I just wanted to thank you for this amazing course. I got my first preference job. I wish I did this course last year. I got exactly the same scenarios that we practiced! All the best

Jirayr Ajzajian

Urology-themed CST (London)

I am beyond thrilled to announce that I have accepted my top choice CST London job in general surgery!

Meghan Coyle

CST General Surgery (London)

“ACE are a brilliant team and I can’t thank them enough for the help they provided for my CST interview. The CST interview course they ran was fantastic and really motivating.  I did extra 1:1 sessions for interview preparation with ACE and they provided constructive feedback to help me confidently build upon my interview skills. They’re a fantastic team and really helped me feel supported throughout the interview process.  I can’t recommend their team enough to anyone!”

Aneeqa Ahmed
CST ENT-themed (Manchester)

Very excited that I got my top choice and moving to Liverpool!

2022-2023 Applicant
CST General Surgery Themed (North West)

Thanks for organising this event!

Guleed Mohammed

ST3 Urology (Yorkshire)

Got the run-through job in Wales. Thank you for helping with the interview prep!

Vignesh Bala

ST1 General Surgery (Wales)

From 44 points post verification score to Run Through General Surgery. Ladies and Gents, this is the course you want.

Michael John

ST1 General Surgery (Wales)

Yess managed to get an offer!

Going to KSS which I'm so thrilled about.


Still can’t quite believe it but I got my first choice CST post in Thames valley with a Plastic surgery theme!! I am so excited to start!

2022-2023 Applicant
CST Plastics-Themed (KSS)

A big thank you to Sarah and yourself for organising the course.

Suchita Bahri

CST General Surgery (Leeds)

Thank you so much for your course! I found it so useful and have managed to secure a job!

Christina Apthorp

ENT-themed CST (Leeds)

I ranked 46th so very happy! Thank you for the 1:1 CST coaching session and reading through my presentation!

Jess Garner

Ranked 46th in National Selection

Thank you again so much for your help and for the help of everyone at ACE medicine, you guys were awesome! 

Eva Nagy

Plastics-themed CST (Wessex)

Harsh but fair! Really enjoyed it

ST3 ENT Applicant

I ranked 34th and I’ve put Basildon T&O theme as my top choice. Thank you Haseem and Saarah for your help!

Kabir Matwala

T&O-themed CST (London)
Ranked 34th in National Selection

I’ve done well thankfully and ranked 88! 
Quite happy with my rank and hoping it would help me get a good training post!

Joyce Essam 

Ranked 88th in National Selection

You guys have honestly been brilliant and I’ll recommend your course to all future applicants I come across!

Effy Shakweh

CST General Surgery (Bristol)

I got the job I wanted - Plastics theme in Oxford. Thank you for all your help.


Plastics-themed CST (Oxford)

Good course with critical feedback. I appreciated the range of different scenarios!

2022-2023 Applicant
ST3 ENT (East Midlands)

Thanks for your support with the interview course and follow-up, will definitely be recommending the course to people next year!

Eniola Salau

ENT-themed CST (East of England)

I got my second choice which was a general surgery run through in the west of Scotland. I am very pleased!

Colette Pickard

ST1 General Surgery (Scotland)

Got my first choice job and am starting a paediatric surgery themed track. Thank you both again for all of your help with the process I would definitely recommend the ACE Medicine course to friends in the future!

Lizzie Grifitths

Paediatric-themed CST (Newcastle)

I am glad I got my first choice.


Thank you!

2022-2023 Applicant
CST General Surgery 

Thank you so much for helping me get first-choice job in ENT!

2021-2022 Applicant
CST ENT-Themed (North West)

I ranked 69th in the country, and secured an ENT themed CST in the North West. Thanks for all your help!

Catherine Donnelly

ENT-themed CST (North West)

Thank your for your help. I was successful last year obtaining a CST post in a Trauma & Orthopaedic Themed job at Kettering/Northampton.

Geeth Silva

T&O-themed CST (East Midlands)

I ranked 89th so hoping to get a good ENT job. Thanks for your support.

Dominic Jaikaransingh 

ENT-themed CST

CST process was very challenging this year with an additional exam and changes to portfolio. The folks at ACE  were so hopeful particularly when it came to helping with the interview. The CST interview course equipped me with all the necessary skills I required to secure a run-through job in ENT. Thank you so much!

Sundus Mohamed
ST1 ENT (Yorkshire)

Big shout out to the ACE Medicine

team for the help with the CST application and getting me the job I wanted! Definitely an interview prep course worth doing

Niall Fitzpatrick
CST T&O-themed (North West)

Thank you again for the course yesterday, really enjoyed it and very handy indeed!

Alexander Light

ST1 Urology (London)

I attended the ACE course in January. Thanks for all the help. Scored top 10% nationally and secured first choice T&O themed CST post.

Habib Syed

T&O-themed CST

Thank you for helping me to secure my first choice job! 

Zain Iqbal

ST1 General Surgery (North West)

Thanks for all of your help and advice this year!

Dilen Parmar
CST (West Midlands)

Thank you so much for your session yesterday. It was objective, impartial, and constructive, which is exactly what I needed, as I was revising with my friends and needed a second opinion.

2020-2021 Applicant
ST1 Urology (West Midlands)

Have feedback that you would like to share with us after attending our CST/ST3 Interview Course?

Don’t hesitate to reach out, we’d love to hear it!

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