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How To Get Into Core Surgical Training (2023- 2024 entry)


A half-day online course to prepare you for the CST application process.

We provide you with the knowledge, skills, and resources to put you ahead of other candidates!

We will outline the application process and different training pathways.

⚪ We will go through the competition ratios, application dates, MSRA, and commonly asked questions.

⚪ We help optimise your portfolio in advance of the application deadline.

⚪ You can look at previously successful portfolios and get personalised advice on your own portfolio.

Over the last three years, our 'How To Get Into CST' course has received 100% positive feedback, with many delegates going on to secure full marks in their portfolio station for surgical applications! 

Webinar recording available to purchase. Please message if interested.


Cancellation policy: No refund is available once a ticket has been purchased within six weeks of the event. Outside this window, there is a £50 admin fee. 

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