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ACE Medicine & Surgery are pleased to announce the release of:

Smashing The Core Surgical Training Interview: A Holistic Guide to Becoming A Surgeon

Smashing Core Surgical Training Interviews is a crucial roadmap through the highly competitive world of surgery. It provides a realistic understanding of what is expected on the interview day and how best to prepare for it. 


This is the perfect preparation guide for any medical student or junior doctor with a serious desire to launch a career in surgery in the United Kingdom by smashing the Core Surgical Training interviews. 

It covers all aspects of the interview, including how to prepare the portfolio, virtual interview etiquette, and post-interview considerations. 

This book, with several book chapter contributions written by ACE Medicine and Surgery facultycontains: 

  • More than 35 clinical scenarios and more than 15 management scenarios with model answers.

  • Model frameworks for structuring answers. 

  • Information covering real-life struggles, including how to maximise opportunities as a medical student, how to publish, and how to decide whether to take an F3 year. 

  • Insights into the diverse world of modern surgery, including women in surgery, LGBTQ issues, dyslexia and neurodiversity, and challenges faced by ethnic minorities.  

  • A framework for international medical graduates planning surgical careers. 

Forewords by: 

Fiona Myint, Consultant Vascular Surgeon Vice-President, Royal College of Surgeons of England 

Roy Phitayakorn, General and Endocrine Surgeon, Vice Chair of Education, Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Surgery, Associate Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School 

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